Success: Do You Believe You Can Do It?

We all want to be successful yet self-limiting beliefs may impact our performance. Language can transform our ideas and empower us to achieve anything we want.

(Not So) Small Talk: Time Waster or Core Asset?

Many of my friends are on the job hunt right now. Their resumes and cover letters are scattered all over my desk (yes, in this instance, I prefer the archaic approach of pen-in-hand editing). As they’re memorizing career milestones and […]

1 Goal to Rule Them All

Got goals? Of course you do. We all do. Business goals, career goals, personal development goals, health goals, family goals, the list goes on and on. Some of our goals are simple and quick while others are complex and time-consuming. […]

KISS It Goodbye

Pucker up, professionals! KISSing is the key to happiness and long-term success at home and at work. A fundamental concept of Marketing 101, Keep It Simple Stupid is the cornerstone of communications, which ensures a strategy that engages and resonates […]

Proactive Excellence and a Positive Work Environment

Editor’s note: Ryan Rivera is a guest author who covers topics related to anxiety management and writes for Calm Clinic. Quantum Excellence has no association with the Calm Clinic. Business leaders are becoming more and more aware of the problems […]

Telling the Untellable: And Getting Away With It!

Have you ever been in the position where you had to give someone feedback for their behavior but doing so would be awkward or strenuous on your relationship?  Maybe you have had to give feedback to your boss or someone […]

How Are You Convinced

I sat with a good friend of mine recently explaining to him why I thought he needed to improve the presentation slides he used for selling his company’s services.  They were out-dated to say the least. “I don’t see what’s […]

Using the Right Words for Impact

You know how some people just seem to speak your language? Even if you disagree with what they are saying they seem to talk in a way that is easy to digest? The reason this happens with some people more […]

How to Manipulate Someone’s Mind with NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming provides some of the leading tools in the field of persuasion.  These tools can have a major impact when used correctly, which in turn can help you accomplish phenomenal results.  But what NLP tools can not achieve is […]

NLP Means Business: Tools for Professionals

NLP was originally created as a method to isolate and replicate what successful psychologist and psychiatrist did to help their patients.   The goal was to be able to use only what worked and drop the ‘junk’ in order to […]