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Success: Do You Believe You Can Do It?

We all want to be successful yet self-limiting beliefs may impact our performance. Language can transform our ideas and empower us to achieve anything we want.

Using the Right Words for Impact

You know how some people just seem to speak your language? Even if you disagree with what they are saying they seem to talk in a way that is easy to digest? The reason this happens with some people more […]

NLP Means Business: Tools for Professionals

NLP was originally created as a method to isolate and replicate what successful psychologist and psychiatrist did to help their patients.   The goal was to be able to use only what worked and drop the ‘junk’ in order to […]

Neuroscience Confirms Rapport

Rapport is one of the most practical and useful techniques in the portfolio of NLP. You can apply rapport to virtually any situation involving one or more people so you can purposefully build trust and open communication. It’s the ultimate […]

5 Tips for Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. I bet you have already started arranging the activities for the night. In fact, you might have already started planning for what you will wear! But have you started preparing your New […]

The Map is Not The Territory!

On December 26th I wrote a post touching very briefly on each of the 15 Presuppositions of NLP (see 15 Presuppositions to be in Control for a review). One of these presuppositions that I find very useful in work and […]

Cause & Effect: Pick a Side

Many people float along through life feeling as if the current is dragging them along. Accepting to be knocked about by obstacles as part of the natural flow of existence. In fact many of us feel as if life is […]

15 Presuppositions to be in Control

NLP works better when the practitioner adopts certain beliefs about the world. These beliefs, or presuppositions as they are called, are designed to empower the practitioner, to enable them to deal with any situation, to allow them to understand how […]

The Power of Clean Language

Of course by ‘clean language’, I’m not talking about the kind of words that would have your grandmother chasing you with a bar of soap. By clean language I mean using the kind of language that creates positive images both […]

What is NLP… Really?

This is a great question. One that no two people typically give the same answer to. I have come across many definitions myself and many opinions of what people think Neuro Linguistic Programming is. If you look at the name […]