Pucker up, professionals! KISSing is the key to happiness and long-term success at home and at work. A fundamental concept of Marketing 101, Keep It Simple Stupid is the cornerstone of communications, which ensures a strategy that engages and resonates with your audience. Whether we’re meeting with executives or speaking with our significant other, the last thing we want is to kiss an opportunity goodbye.

Mistake numero uno in any communication is to cram as much information as possible into a message. When there’s something critical to say, even expert communicators can be sloppy KISSers. It doesn’t matter how important the information is, if you’ve lost your audience by the third sentence, you’ve lost your impact. So, if you have a lot to say, how do you convey it while captivating your audience?

  • Bull’s Eye – While it’s easy to speak for hours on our favorite subjects, focus on how your pitch benefits your audience. Speak to their needs. Reverse the concept of “It’s not you, it’s me” in this case. When you need to sell something, it is about them—it’s all about them. You’ll hit the messaging target by balancing what your audience wants to hear with what they need to hear and know.
  • The Shiny New Toy Factor – The hook. Dazzle. WOW factor. Whatever you call it, starting your message with a creative catch lures your audience into your message. Incorporate pictures, charts, and a personal twist— your finger print. Subtly add elements that appeal to the five senses, such as eye-catching visuals, pleasing music or voice, tasty treats, hands-on demos, and pleasing aromatics (i.e. flowers), if possible. Design the creative spark for your target audience. Grab their attention. Encourage participation. This whole package makes you and your message memorable, because you create an intellectual and physical experience.
  • Rule of Three – Say it. Qualify it. Say it again. Repetition helps your audience remember your key takeaways.

Keep your presentation short and sweet. The opportunity lies in the friendly discussion that your message sets up for you. Stay front and center in your audience’s mind by leaving thought-provoking materials behind or following-up with additional information.

These guidelines will keep you on point and your audience engaged. Whether your goal is to close a sale or convince your friends, there’s nothing better than captivating your audience and having them remember you and, more importantly, what you said.

Now get out there and start KISSing!

(Photo by Wagner Cesar Munhoz)