Companies today stand or fall, not by the efficiency of their processes and systems, but by the talent of their people. By using the techniques of NLP you can develop talent and achieve success. This is the popular but definitive book of NLP for people who want to make exceptional progress for their organisations. It demystifies NLP and relates the theories and principles to current business challenges. Its practical techniques, methods, and examples drawn from leading practitioners in the field, ensures you can implement this straight into your everyday working life. NLP Business Masterclass takes the applications of NLP in business beyond simple everyday techniques, to consider the bigger challenges facing organisations today including: * How do you get the best from your people? * What’s the best way of organising teams? * How can NLP help us to motivate people? * What about incentives and rewards for employees? * How do you change a culture and keep it alive? * How can NLP help my people to become more committed and responsible? * How can NLP help to develop leadership? You can learn more about NLP. Or you can have the Masterclass.