Changing Belief Systems with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Our beliefs are a very powerful influence on our behavior. It is widely understood that if someone really believes he/she can do something, he/she will do it; but if he/she believes something is impossible, no amount of effort will convince […]

Neurolinguistic Programming: The Study of the Structure of Subjective Experience

There comes a time when it is both useful, and appropriate, for the purpose of continuing to expand our understanding of the universe we live in, for entirely new fields of study to be created. Separating new from old, exceptions […]

Reframing: Neurolinguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning

Reframing is powerful NLP technique for dealing with the perceptions people hold of certain events or situations. In this book Bandler and Grinder introduce you to this very useful technique that can be used with virtually anyone you speak to, […]

The Structure of Magic II: A Book About Communication and Change (Book 2)

This book continues on Bandler’s and Grinder’s first volume introducing further lingustic patterns and models.

The Structure of Magic: A Book About Language and Therapy

This is a stunning book that describes Bandler’s and Grinder’s original research on linguistics and communications. Many of the presuppositions of NLP are introduced in this book as is the NLP communications model, Not and easy read, but well worth […]

Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement

Robbins argues that by using a new technique called neurolinguistic programming (NLP) anyone can become successful at almost anything. NLP teaches us how to communicate success to ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is to model ourselves […]

Magic of NLP Demystified: A Pragmatic Guide to Communication & Change

This the best selling introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), written in an informal and entertaining style. This book will intorduce the reader to a remarkable new approach to the study of human communications and therapeutic change. Managers, sales people, consultants, […]

Frogs into Princes: Introduction to Neurolinguistic Programming

This is Bandler & Grinder’s very own introduction into NLP. It’s a very interesting book for the beginner practitioner or someone merely interested to find out what all the hype is about. It is written as a transcript from one […]

NLP at Work: The Essence of Excellence, 3rd Edition (People Skills for Professionals)

Since the first edition, NLP at Work has pioneered the use of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in the business world to improve communication, negotiation, teamwork, and influence. With more 100,000 copies sold and now in its third edition, NLP at Work […]

Finding an NLP Practitioner

So you have decided that you want to work with an NLP Practitioner or Coach to assist you in one area of your life or another. Finding a good Practitioner can be a challenging task and it’s important to feel […]